Monday, 9 June 2014

Neal´s Yard Remedies - Review -

After disappearing for a couple of weeks I am back and with more energy that ever! Work has been extremely busy and demanding, so it´s been from work to bed during these last weeks. Now everything is back to normal and I have time to dedicate to the blog once again.

Up until now I have been posting about trips and restaurants mainly, but I have decided I want to bring something else to the blog, give it a twist but without it loosing its essence. I am going to create a couple of new sections where I will post about some of my other passions.

Today I wanted to show you some beauty products I have been using this year, all from Neal´s Yard Remedies. Probably I haven´t mentioned this before but I am trying to buy cruelty free products, that is products that have not been tested on animals.

I have to say sometimes it gets a bit complicated, as not all of them indicate if they are cruelty free or not, so usually I have to check their websites on my phone before purchasing them. I think I am doing quite a good job as I have identified a few brands and I am learning about other ones every day.

Neal´s Yard Remedies is one of these cruelty free brands, but it can´t be seen on their packaging although it is quite clear on their website. First I went to the shop to buy a toner and I loved everything about the brand. The staff working in the shop are very helpful, they ask you plenty of questions before recommending a product for your skin and they also give you quite a few samples to try at home.

As I have a crazy mix of sensitive and dry skin, I sometimes find it difficult to find a product that can help with both, but then I found this Rehydrating Rose Toner which happens to be perfect for dry and sensitive skin. I must say I loved this toner, it makes my skin feel fresh, soft and hydrated. I use it every morning and every night before the moisturiser, and it seems to clean the skin amazingly well, and leaves it ready for the rest.

With such a good experience with the toner I went again as soon as I needed a new moisturiser. This was back in November of December and in Scotland the weather was very cold, humid and just miserable in general. My skin doesn´t agree with bad weather much, it get all red and super dry, sometimes it even starts to get some wounds when it´s really really cold. Therefore I needed a very hydrating moisturiser.

After explaining all the above to the patient shop assistant, she told me the best one for my skin was the Soothing Starflower Daily Moisture, and I trusted her. It says on the website that it strengthens and protects sensitive skin, and I have to say for me it worked wonders. I used it all winter and my skin never got too dry. It feels great on the skin, and a small amount is more than enough as it is quite dense. It is a moisturiser that needs to be extended well on the skin, and it may take a bit to absorb, but I could feel my skin getting more flexible just after putting it on.

These days (sometimes we even have sunshine!) of spring/summer I feel it is a bit too dense for the weather. I guess my skin is not as dry as in winter and it was a bit on the heavy side, so I bought a different one until winter comes back, that in Scotland will be September :-D

The last thing I bought was the Rose Formula Hydrating Eye Cream. I have very dark circles under my eyes, and I can´t find a cream or concealer that helps with them, and at the moment I have one with 12 different shades... This is the product that impressed me the least, probably because I need a miracle! The texture is very nice and my eyes feel refreshed after I apply it, but it takes a while for my skin to absorb the cream, and the pump gives too much of it, so half goes to waste every time I use it.

I just saw on their website that there is a White Tree Toning Eye Gel and I might give it a try as I think Neal´s Yard products are high quality and the price is pretty good too. Another thing I am trying to find but I am struggling are moisturisers with SPF, and high if possible. I have pale skin and want to protect it from the sun as much as I can, but I have been looking everywhere and I can´t find a proper moisturiser with SPF (cruelty free) anywhere! So now I look for makeups with SPF to do the trick.

Have you tried anything from Neal´s Yard? What do you think of their products?

On another note, what do you think of me posting about other topics? Do you like this change?

Thank you all for reading!

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