Monday, 30 June 2014

What to Buy this Week: Jelly Shoes

For the What to Buy this Week section I bring more of a debate than an actual buy. I keep seeing people wearing these jelly shoes in the city, and I am really not sure I agree much with this trend.

I mean, when I was a kid I used to wear these shoes when, or I was going to a beach with cobbles instead of sand, or when there were problems at the beach with a particular type of fish. And on both occasions these shoes were very uncomfortable!

These days I see people wearing heeled ones (really!), wearing them with normal outfits and even with socks. For me these jelly shoes are the equivalent of wearing Cloggs in town. Years ago on a trip to the beach I had to buy a pair as my flip flops killed my feet and couldn´t even walk. I have to say Cloggs are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever wore, HOWEVER I would never ever wear them in the city, or to work (even if I had a really cool and trendy job). And with the jelly shoes I have exactly the same feeling.

These jelly shoes are for the beach, even a swimming pool if you insist, but for the city, REALLY?? And unless you are a fashionable teenager who-can-pull-any-outfit, don´t buy them, please. And it gets worst with the heeled and platform options. I have no words to describe those, so I leave you with the photos instead.




I have another favour to ask you. Never wear them like this, please!


The only "jelly" shoes I like are these Vivienne Westwood ones, and I don´t even know if they are considered to be jelly shoes!

So now, question time! What do you think of these jelly shoes? Do you like them? When and how would you wear them? Did you use to wear them as a kid too?

Thank you very much for reading!


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